Thursday, December 8, 2005

Poulet Demi-Deuil

Translated into English, it is roughly "chicken in partial mourning." A truly poetic dish. I don't have much strength at the moment for reasons I'll explain at length soon, but the least I could do was share this recipe, which had its desired effect. I am officially smitten with Ms. Tomasetti. I've also done an overnight stint in the county hospital. It's a long story. But for now:

-1 oz black truffles
-1 farm-raised (free range) hen...3.5.lbs
-salt/pepper as desired
-peeled carrots
-large leeks (include most of the green)
-1 red onion (substituted for yellow, which I despise)
-1 bulb garlic
-fresh, flat-leaf parsley sprigs
-fresh thyme sprigs
-unsalted butter
-heavy cream
-1 peeled turnip

Clean/rinse the truffles. Dry on paper towel. Slice.

Rinse chicken and insert your fingers between the skin and meat of the breast, careful not to tear. Slip truffle slices underneath skin in an attractive pattern. Rub chicken inside and out with salt and pepper.

Place hen in a pot with the vegetables. Cover with water and boil, then simmer 1.25 hours.

Remove chicken. Strain vegetables. Place vegetables in blender with butter/cream. Puree until smooth. Taste/adjust as needed. Serve chicken on bed of puree.
I served with fresh sauteed shitakes and a simple spinach risotto. Two bottles of Vouvray and a Merseault for good measure. I am in love, and my heart is literally broken. I'm going back to bed. Shirleen is bringing Thai this evening, and we're going to watch a rented movie. I have to return to the doctor's in the morning.

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